Blog: The Ron Miscavige Book War Begins - 2015-10-21

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F376.png The Ron Miscavige Book War Begins October 21, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology has fired its first shot across the bow in the inevitable, cost-is-no-object-when-it-comes-to-protecting-the-reputation-of-Dear-Leader campaign to try and stop Ron Miscavige's book. And it's a spitball from a pea shooter.

Obviously, Dave knows this is not going to be good. He stepped right in the shit by hiring some goons to follow his father and they got caught. And in his inimitable style he turned someone who was doing and saying nothing into another voice raised up in protest of the abuses that are perpetrated inside his church.

The story in the LA Times by Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Kim Christensen caused quite a furor. You can be sure that this incident, and a lot more will be covered in the book.