Blog: The SUMP - 2015-07-28

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F376.png The SUMP July 28, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

After a quick venture into the world of Hubbard Envoy Extraordinaires yesterday, today we turn to another of the great fairytales of planetary clearing.

This one is a bit different as it has been moving forward WITHOUT the need for all money to be raised from suckers donors first. Miscavige decided to go ahead with this boondoggle as part of his tireless efforts to show the world how fast his empire is expanding, and as an afterthought it became yet another fundraising gimmick. As if they needed another one.

In reality, only the L. Ron Hubbard Hall is less necessary than this white elephant. At least there is some justification for an org building. Even the IAS spends money to fly a VM or two out to disaster zones for a photo op, and they do buy some of the Tom Cruise ideal orgs that Miscavige wants done as priority.