Blog: The Sad State Of Scientology - 2015-06-30

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F376.png The Sad State Of Scientology June 30, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

You can glean a lot from a single promotional item as the bubble world of scientology continues to shrink and they increasingly lose track of what they are actually saying.

Let's take a look at the latest Moneywinds seminar promotion piece and the blurb they sent out with it:

First, isn't it just a little odd that the two "other" speakers apart from the International KeyNote Speaker and Officer from the Freewinds have their case level listed? It's never been an outpoint to anyone that the majority of people who are "running the church" at "top levels" are not even clear, let alone OT. I would bet that after 25 years in the Sea Org (or however long it is) this international speaker and D/COB for Poster Images is NOT OT.... This would be like the cardinals in the Vatican not having ever participated in Holy Communion. It is such a huge, crashing "departure from the ideal scene" that nobody can confront it. It's relegated to "we don't think about that."