Blog: The Scam Rolls On -- The LRH Hall and Museum - 2014-01-29

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F376.png The Scam Rolls On -- The LRH Hall and Museum January 29, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Captain Miscavige's Mecca is open. And now the next chapter begins.

Obviously He can't let the demand for money slow down. Time for a new gimmick.

So after collecting an estimated $300 million for a building that was supposed to cost $40 million (though now they are claiming it cost $260 million which is a staggering $800+sq/ft if it is really 300,000 sq ft), of course there is no money to build the "LRH Hall". The figure of $260 million now being floated is probably some attempt to counter the Garcia lawsuit — "proving" they did need all that money, though the records of the expenditures would make for interesting reading I am sure.