Blog: The Scam of Orlando - 2018-05-12

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F376.png The Scam of Orlando May 12, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The holes in the decaying fence around scientology's shrinking empire continue to grow. Those holes are about the only thing that IS expanding in the scientology world.

Today, the Chairman of the Bored is supposed to yanks his ribbon in the parking lot of a new building in an Orlando office park. Last time they postponed at the last minute. They now moved it forward a week at the last minute. Maybe it will just be all CGI - the first Jurassic Park style yanking? They could still show it at the next event along with all the other CGI "fly through" and "exploding graphs" and that's what is really important so it's not out of the realm of possibility. They keep talking about Orlando magic...

But if Dear Leader does show up he will spout forth Shermanspeak gibberish about how this "new" "church" is bringing hope to Orlando blah blah. Miscavige will try to make it appear that this facility has been opened in response to the enormous demand for scientology in yet another city where scientology would be grateful to be included as a footnote in anything. Of course it's a massive lie that any demand for scientology exists anywhere.