Blog: The Scientology Money Machine - 2011-11-13

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F0.png The Scientology Money Machine November 13, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The St Petersburg Times has launched a multi-story series about the "church" of Scientology's vulture culture. The several stories in the first installment focus on the revelations of former Flag Registrar Hy Levy and former Flag Public member Brian Culkin; both of them Independents. When you go to the link to read the stories, please be sure to watch the two video interviews with Hy and the one with Brian. They are intense and informative. Combined they describe with particulars how Miscavige has, in addition to creating a culture of violence, created a culture of unrelenting greed. the link, St Petersburg Times, The Money Machine. By all means share your comments here, but don't forget to also weigh in on the St Pete Times website - don't let the cult's spamming trolls have their way. Thanks Hy and Brian, you have a done a tremendous service to the public on several levels.

By the way, note the "church" responses. They have lowered the bar from the even the days of Tommy Davis; the blatant falsity and incompetence are remarkable. Take this one for example:

" 'Fundraisers do not persuade or pressure parishoners to take on debt', spokewoman Pouw said."