Blog: The Silence of Tom Cruise - 2015-08-03

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F0.png The Silence of Tom Cruise August 3, 2015, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Tom Cruise steadfastly chooses to remain silent about the brutality, lies, and human rights abuses of his beloved Church of Scientology. And with his Mission Impossible franchise having raked in more than two billion dollars to date and still producing cash, you can't blame him. OT VII Tom Cruise is better off remaining silent about Scientology, making films, and quietly solo auditing his body thetans every day behind closed doors.

While an epic film stunt, Cruise riding on the outside of an Airbus A400M in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation doesn't change the fact that the Church of Scientology is a vicious, dishonest, and deceptive business. In my view, Tom Cruise's MI5 Airbus stunt is a metaphor for his life as a Scientology celebrity.

The stunt was carefully designed; engineered; tested using a dummy; and it had a large unseen support crew behind it. But most importantly, the stunt was heavily edited so that none of the artifice was seen.