Blog: The Sole Cause of Decline in This Universe - 2019-11-11

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F376.png The Sole Cause of Decline in This Universe November 11, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Hubbard created an environment in scientology of "Us v. Them" — a hallmark of cult indoctrination.

You must have an "enemy" upon whom you can lay blame for all failure/terrible conditions and if you can then convince your followers that you are the only one who understands the dangers and can vanquish this scourge and set your followers free, then you have them hooked through fear. And if you can then also promise unlimited happiness/spiritual freedom/eternity then you have both the stick and the carrot.

L. Ron Hubbard the "whole track SPs" as psychiatry. He at first sought their blessing and acknowledged their expertise in the field of the mind. When they rejected his ideas in Dianetics they became the enemy. Now, according to Hubbard they are the sole cause of decline in this universe (which is in fact contradictory to all his teachings about the power of the theta and how the tans decided to play games and this caused the universe to come into existence and everything about it is caused by theta etc etc etc).