Blog: The Sorry State of Corporate Scientology - 2012-10-05

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F0.png The Sorry State of Corporate Scientology October 5, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Natalie Hagemo came across an interesting thread on Facebook. It was initiated by one Ed Bryan. Eddie is using an L. Ron Hubbard quote that describes David Miscavige and his minions (including himself, and all the 34 kool aid drinkers who punched 'like' on the post) while acting as if it applies to those who have ceased the kool-aid addiction.

Before we move on to the thread, let's review some history with its author, Eddie the 'Corporate OT VIII.' Here is my lovely wife putting this Miscavige's go-to guy in his place in front our home in the summer of 2011:

Early on during that 199 day siege upon our home, Eddie sent an email to Debbie Cook whom Miscavige believed was still on his leash. Since she lived but a three hour drive from my home, Bryan tried to recruit her to come speak against me at Ingleside on the Bay city council when they were debating banning corporate Scientologists entirely from our fair town. Debbie responded by telling Bryan in no uncertain terms that whoever came up with their cockamamie plan to 'handle Marty' (from Miscavige on down) were pursuing a total lose. A lose that was staining the name and reputation of Scientology. Incidentally, a) Miscavige thus directing Debbie's attention to Ingleside on the Bay affairs influenced the subsequent straight-out, hands-down spanking she delivered to his rear end in San Antonio, b) Debbie was but one of several under-the-radar Scientologists who reported directly to me about the South Texas Siege efforts they were recruited to attend or support in one way or another.