Blog: The Squeeze Is On - 2013-11-05

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F376.png The Squeeze Is On November 5, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

See the story just published in the Tampa Bay Times about the plans the church just filed with the city concerning the upcoming events.

Of course, in typical fashion they submit them two weeks before the scheduled events, demanding over-the-top special treatment. The usual time for applications such as these is 30 days. They are asking for Ft Harrison Ave to be closed entirely from Friday to Sunday evening. And all sorts of sidewalk closures. If the city doesnt bow to their demands there will be squeals of "discrimination" echoing through the empty halls of the SP building. Chopping down those trees without approval and generally ignoring the requirements of the city to the point where the Mayor asked Scientologists to plead to the church "leadership" to set a better example in the community may not have been such a great idea.

A lot of the RCS requests are more about having time to erect fences and barricades to keep the outside world at bay than to actually perform a ribbon cutting (and removing unsightly traffic lights that may mar His image).