Blog: The Story of Scientology Prophesied? - 2013-04-19

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F0.png The Story of Scientology Prophesied? April 19, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

L. Ron Hubbard, from Scientology: Milestone One, 3 March 1952:

Science, as it's been known, has been the collection of data (almost a random collection of data), assembling it into piles of similar data and calling these piles 'piles of data-ology'…

…You can see how biology, for instance, has dead-ended. Great study; it was started with a lot of verve way back. Francis Bacon was quite interested in this. Lucretius before him was very interested in this. In modern times, it has fallen away from its own definition. It's 'biology'. It's sort of a hopeless dead end. They are not looking toward any source of life, they are just looking toward new kinds and combinations of life that they might discover by happenstance. The adventure of search has gone out of the field. Until this day, if you walked into a high school biology class or talked to a high school professor of biology, and you said, 'How is it that your theories of biology do not carry along with or parallel some of the material in the theory of evolution? How is that the study of biology does not parallel its companion science, cytology? Why are these opposite in some respects?' He would say to you, 'Oh-huh! We study out of this text book.' And you'd say, 'Well now, do you realize if you went into the laboratory and you picked up a microscope and you started looking at these things – if you did some thinking about this – one of these days you might discover a great big piece of knowledge which would unify all of these fields: evolution, cytology, biology and many others?' 'Oh-h-h, no. No. This is something that is taught in a codified way.'