Blog: The Story of a Scientology Spy - 2018-01-08

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F376.png The Story of a Scientology Spy January 8, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is the story of a spy paid to infiltrate our lives written by my wife Christie.

I originally wrote down the details of this story in 2012 when it happened. Some of the information was included in the book Fair Game, by Steve Cannane, as he played a part in it. Here is the full story:

If the ending seems obvious while reading it, try reading it with the frame of mind that it was not perfectly obvious while living it. Most of us go through life with friendship, love and kindness in our hearts, hoping to enjoy people, taking them first as genuine and only after they prove to be untrue marking them as such in our minds. It had also been some time since any funny business had come up in my direct life. Things had been relatively quiet though maybe I should have known better since I am "living with John Dillinger," as Mike likes to put it.