Blog: The Street Will Be Completely Closed - 2014-04-16

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F376.png The Street Will Be Completely Closed April 16, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

We would not want the undesirables getting a glimpse of Dear Leader, the Emperor with No Clothes.

So the long-anticipated, joyous occasion of finally yanking the ribbon on this building that has been put there in order to move 5+ million people onto and up the Bridge, is being done out of the public eye.... Hardly consistent with the message "we are here and everyone is welcome" that they will tell the media and repeat endlessly on their website. Funny, I dont think the Australian media is going to buy it. Hell, I dont think the Australian public are going to buy it? "You want us to come in and find out about Scientology but you won't let us stand on the street and watch your highest leader speak to open the building we are supposed to come into? No, thanks mate, I'm busy watching the paint dry on the Sydney Harbor Bridge,"

Miscavige proudly refers to himself as the "leader of a worldwide religion."