Blog: The SuMP is Upon Us - 2016-05-28

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F376.png The SuMP is Upon Us May 28, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It's finally arrived... the day for the ribbon yanking of the greatest boondoggle in scientology history (and that is saying something).

After all the put-off dates and promotion with NO dates and emails from anyone and everyone, the crowds will gather, the video crews will be capturing every word and every angle, and scientology will launch itself into the 20th century with a white elephant for the ages.

Below is just a sampling of the frenzy of urgent messages to implore all scientologists everywhere to show up for this event. You have to wonder how many "celebrities" will be there, as this is all about impressing Hollywood and celebrities outside of being a fundraising tool. It's never really been much use asa fundraiser as the purchase was announced regardless of thermometers and statuses and kooky pirate parties. If the purchase and renovation had to wait for the money to be collected from public this would literally NEVER have been done. It cost a LOT more than Valley ideal org and that still isn't done 12 years into the project.