Blog: The Truth About Scientology Staff - 2016-01-11

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F376.png The Truth About Scientology Staff January 11, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

You may have seen something I put in the Thursday Funnies about how Tampa "model ideal double St Hill size" org is working on making it viable to be on staff.

This is a another of the whopper lies in scientology — somehow these organizations that charge people hundreds of dollars AN HOUR for services, do not have money to give a decent wage to staff members. Most live on income levels that are unsustainable without: a) a spouse or someone else who supports them or b) they work a second and sometimes third job in their "spare" time — usually for a local scientologist.

This working on another job in addition to staff is called "Moonlighting" in scientology. L. Ron Hubbard despised the practice. The entire reason for the existence of WISE was to "get scientology businessmen off the 'backs' of orgs" — and Hubbard viewed them that way as they staffed their businesses with "his" org staff. He considered giving staff jobs to be poaching them, distracting from their ability to perform their functions in the orgs.