Blog: The Upside Down World of Scientology - 2019-06-08

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F376.png The Upside Down World of Scientology June 8, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a microcosm of so many things inside the shrinking bubble world of scientology.

Selling guy is trying to offload his "OT" bracelet (at a loss of course, anything scientology is ALWAYS overpriced) to get money to do the Purif. Probably REDO the Purif. After all he was "going OT" or was already OT back in 2012. But then of course, the first time he did the Purif it was "out tech." I wonder if the "success story" from the first, second and third Purif he did was real? Did he actually have the gains he attested to? If he did, why redo it? Simply because it is a way of soaking money out of the dwindling number of remaining sheeple still inside the bubble.

Of course, when Miscavige announces that he has discovered, yet again, that something they have been selling for years or decades is "out tech" (i.e. a shoddy substitute, Condition 1 level "exchange = ripoff) there is never a thought given to "perhaps we should give those people their money back, at least credit their account or offer them the "new" in tech service for free as they actually PAID for a Purif and we didn't deliver that to them, which is why they have to redo it.