Blog: The Virtual IAS Event - 2020-10-10

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F376.png The Virtual IAS Event October 10, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This year's IAS event is going to be "virtual." It's a fundraising catastrophe for scientology as this is their biggest single event for raking in cash.

Undaunted, they put out a "press release" on a paid news service. Of course it gets no pickup in the media at all, as it contains no news. But you can find it online.

Below is the full release, 100% hype and bs. The back-patting "quotes" are from themselves. And their big accomplishment is apparently that some agency in Spain includes the IAS event as a scientology holiday in their "educational calendar." Wow, that is an astonishing feat! Scientology so badly craves ANY sort of "recognition" that they take any mundane action by "wogs" and turn it into something worthy of a standing ovation. It's comically pathetic.