Blog: The Webs We Weave - 2012-11-26

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F0.png The Webs We Weave November 26, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Every point you find impenetrable in the realm of work on the Way is just your own mind making obstacles. If this mind would acquiesce completely, you would arrive at the state of Buddhas and Zen masters immediately, and there would be nothing supposedly obstructing you anymore.

-Ming-pen, Zen master

The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual's freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy,time and forms of life, and his roles in it. If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.