Blog: There Will Be No Recruitment, Regging or Fundraising. Promise. - 2014-07-21

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F376.png There Will Be No Recruitment, Regging or Fundraising. Promise. July 21, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is an indicator of the desperation to convince people to dip their bloody toe in the shark tank. Sort of on the otder of: "It's OK, they are vegetarian sharks..."

It must be becoming incredibly difficult to get people to show up for events. A few by now have probably even answer somewhat honestly to the after event surveys and the word is making it back to "international management" (David Miscavige) that people don't enjoy being endlessly regged and recruited at every event. Thus, they are trying this new approach to get people to come in for any reason. They cannot promote no regging at the normal "Int" (Miscavige) events as there is ALWAYS a sales quota with EVERY event. But if they could just get them in for SOMETHING they might come in again for the next real event....

But this email is a bit of a mystery. What would be the reason to show up? To hear something unimportant from someone way down the command chain? It HAS to be unimportant or old news- they have just completed 4 weeks of Miscavige MV events where evedry soingle tiniest piece of anything was scraped together for his use.