Blog: They Would Rather Forget This - 2013-11-29

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F376.png They Would Rather Forget This November 29, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a fascinating look into the ever-shifting sands of corporate Scientology hype. J. Swift pulled this up from the Wayback Machine. I am sure a certain individual who cannot be named would rather it remain buried and forgotten. But unfortunately the small handful of bitter defrocked apostate unemployed bloggers on the fringes of the internet don't listen....

Back in 2004/5, COB's Ideal Orgs were the "big thing." GAG II was just a twinkle in the great man's eye at the time. Ideal Orgs were THE THING.

Seattle ED Mark Arnold sent around a briefing to urge his people to get behind the Ideal Org program, and within his briefing he faithfully forwarded the campaign that was being run at the time. I include the entire briefing below, but wanted to highlight a few important points right up front.