Blog: This Is An "Ideal Org"? - 2014-07-14

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F376.png This Is An "Ideal Org"? July 14, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Mountain View is apparently doing the same thing as Valley and publishing a lit of names of hoped-for attendees at their Maiden Voyage events. It's a rather bizarre thing to do, but it affords an interesting insight into the state of the "ideal orhg" (or at least it would be if they had the money to renovate the building they bought at the end of the culd-de-sac in the industrial park behind the 15 wall adjacent to the 101 Freeway).

Really, 150 people. This is not even the size of a decent mission.

Why invest $20 million in getting a building for this tiny group of people?