Blog: Threat: The New Enlightenment - 2009-08-28

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F0.png Threat: The New Enlightenment August 28, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

As many of us know – particularly those of us who have been on staff - the Awareness Level of the Department of Registration is "Enlightenment." That is, if you want to sign someone up for Scientology services, your first job is to enlighten them on that service. And, once upon a time, Registrars did that.

Well, apparently that doesn't happen these days. Registration has moved into Ethics, and enlightenment has been replaced with bald threat. Some OTs have received a "Summons" from the Director of Inspections and Reports FSO, Alonzo. In it, he says:

"You have been off the level for some time. From the records we have, there is no reason why you aren't back on the level.