Blog: Three generations in St Louis, gone with the wind - 2010-10-31

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F0.png Three generations in St Louis, gone with the wind October 31, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Meshell Little (Powers) - Jim Little - Heather Powers - Edie Fields

Are Publicly Leaving the Church of Scientology

This is the story of Jim Little, Meshell Little (Powers), Heather Powers and grandmother, Edie Fields of St. Louis, Missouri. This is the real story of how we went from being 22-year veteran scientologists to quietly resigning from the structure known as the Church of Scientology on June 29, 2010. This action quickly culminated with the St. Louis Org declaring us SP's on October 21, 2010. This declare, as I will go over, consisted of generalities, complete lies, assumptions stated as facts, situations twisted up neatly to appear as one, dropped out time (fully handled 13 years ago) all mixed with one percent truth – and completely written with the intention of discrediting to make us look evil. This is the thanks we got for all our years of supporting this organization. That's not all though. They got my son!