Blog: Thursday Funnies - 2015-11-26

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F376.png Thursday Funnies November 26, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

As you might have expected, Thursday Funnies this week is dominated by Thanksgiving items with a theme of trying to attract people to come to scientology orgs with potluck dinners in order to have some turkeys on hand to squeeze the stuffing out of.

It is somewhat incongruous for "churches" to be insisting that people bring their own food or BUY their Thanksgiving dinners, I can imagine you would be hard pressed to find another church in the United States that has this approach to Thanksgiving, and especially not one that has billions of dollars and claims their expansion is straight up and vertical... One day a year of displaying a little charity would be too much to ask of course.

But we must begin today with one of the strangest pieces I have ever seen (and that is saying something).