Blog: Thursday Funnies - Deep Fried Kool Aid - 2014-10-23

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F376.png Thursday Funnies - Deep Fried Kool Aid October 23, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

IAS Feedback

They are pulling out all the stops to try and convince people to show up to the local re-airings of the decidedly underwhelming earth shaking IAS 30th Anniversary event.

But they are REALLY out of touch with their public. A "testimonial" from a medic at the tent or "local shop owner" isn't going to convince a member of the IAS to show up. And I guarantee that if anyone who is NOT a member shows up, they will not be allowed into this event for fear that they are really a bitter defrocked apostate in disguise sent from the fringes of the internet.