Blog: Time, Place, Form, and Event Part 4 - 2018-04-08

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F376.png Time, Place, Form, and Event Part 4 April 8, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Chapter 19 A couple of hours later, Brenda walked into the room followed by Doug, and four guys in blue coveralls. One carried two of gallons of bleach. The last guy in line held a big square of folded, gray plastic. I felt just about as dead as Joan.

"These guys are here to take care of things," Brenda said. "Clean things up." She didn't include their name, rank, or serial numbers. Or tell me they were Sea Org members.

They all pulled disposable plastic gloves out of their pockets and put them on. The guy with the plastic knelt down and began unfolding it next to Joan. Stretched out, it came to about seven feet in length and four feet in width. A zipper ran down the top from one end to the other.