Blog: Tom Cruise and Disconnection - 2013-11-09

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F376.png Tom Cruise and Disconnection November 9, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There is a rash of media articles following the disclosure of parts of Tom Cruise's deposition in the lawsuit he filed against a magazine for saying he "Abandoned" Suri.

The media is of course focused on the sensational aspects, including the fact that while he apparently didn't have time to visit Suri he flew from the US to the UK for the annual IAS Event to show his support for his BFF.

I read the excerpts of his deposition that are on the internet and was struck by the arrogance he displayed in responding to the questioning. Very reminiscent of his BFF. He snapped terminals with Dear Leader a long time ago (see the now infamous Matt Lauer interview for the classic demonstration and compare to Miscavige with Ted Koppel). He apparently remains completely in his valence.