Blog: Tracing Danielle Ambert: the Lopez Affair II - 2015-04-15

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F0.png Tracing Danielle Ambert: the Lopez Affair II April 15, 2015, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

Cults: France drops its guard French police failed to track down three Scientologists for questioning over the 2006 suicide of Gloria Lopez: but at least one of them has maintained her links with Scientology. Now French daily Libération has weighed in to the battle.

Scientologists told French police investigating the death of one their members that they did not know where three key witnesses, all Scientologists, could be found. But one of them at least has stayed a part of the movement.

And now French newspaper Libération, in an astonishing five-page broadside, has cited the lack of progress in the case to illustrate the inertia they say is gripping the French authorities over the issue of cults.