Blog: Training For The Future - 2016-09-21

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F376.png Training For The Future September 21, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Following the recent post Scientology and "The Mechanism of Death" comes this, the Hubbard/scientology idea that training is "for eternity."

As an added point of interest, Jessica Pantermuehl is one of Jenna Miscavige's cousins, who has of course long since disconnected from her and her mother Bitty — Jessica's aunt. And though she no doubt knows how to confront and shatter suppressives she has not taken the opportunity to pop down to San Diego to visit her cousin and aunt (see Ron Miscavige post from yesterday).

L. Ron Hubbard made the "training is for eternity" pitch many times. In fact, there is a "Tech Film" featuring Isaac Hayes that is all about the value of being trained so you could start a scientology practice to train other auditors on some future planet where nobody speaks any understandable language. That is the subject of the film and Isaac Hayes was featured in THIS film and no other.