Blog: Valley OTC Minutes - Groundhog Week? - 2015-11-21

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F376.png Valley OTC Minutes - Groundhog Week? November 21, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Because they document the true state of scientology, which is pretty boring and hopeless — here are some recent minutes from the Valley "OT" Committee.

Remember, Valley is, according to them "the most important ideal org on earth" right there in the center of the "greatest concentration of scientologists on earth" with their "very own OT Warrior Princess, Honorary Governor of the Vast Valley Territories: NC herself!" led by "OT's at cause" and yet they seem incapable of accomplishing ANYTHING. Reading these minutes is like watching Groundhog Day, except its weekly. The minutes repeat the same meaningless drivel over and over.

Contrast it to the trumpeted hype of the recent IAS event: Epic. World-changing. Powering Up the Planet. Monumental.