Blog: Violence at the Top of Scientology - 2019-02-27

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F376.png Violence at the Top of Scientology February 27, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The latest internet smear on me is a video from a person (Hans Smith) who claims I punched him.

That may be true, though I don't recall it and I had little interaction with him. But I have admitted (and so have many others) to punching people when in the Sea Org. At the top of scientology, if you were NOT willing to use physical violence you were considered too weak to hold your post.

There are numerous witnesses who can testify to the culture of violence at the top of scientology, many of whom watched David Miscavige dishing out beatings on an assortment of senior scientology officials. This was first disclosed by the St Petersburg Times back in 2009, but there have been numerous reports since then from virtually every person who was at the International Headquarters of scientology near Hemet California. In fact, scientology itself has admitted that it was a culture of violence — though they claim it was all perpetrated by those who are no longer there (particularly Marty Rathbun, me and Tom DeVocht). They could never answer the questions posed to them by Anderson Cooper (among others) who wondered why if there was so much violence happening: a) it was not reported to law enforcement and b) how is it Miscavige could not know about it?