Blog: Voldemort "News" - 2013-10-06

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F376.png Voldemort "News" October 6, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There has been enormous effort expended to prevent "leaks" from Graduation so the morning after dose of bs has been curtailed at all costs.

But the Scientology "grapevine" cannot control itself when there is such amazing, astonishing good news coming straight from the horse's mouth. It is however, sort of ironic that the massively, incredibly good news about how the planet is being saved at light speed isn't suitable for anyone outside of Flag to know. Maybe this is just another "marketing gimmick" to make people come to Flag — you cannot know about anything anywhere else in the world?

Or maybe it is really that there is NO NEWS at all. And they don't want anyone to know that things have ground to a halt at Flag and everyone is wandering around completely confused about what is going on when and how anything is supposed to go...