Blog: Voldemort Update 26 July - 2013-07-27

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F376.png Voldemort Update 26 July July 27, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The hype seems to be slowing down, the gushing praise for Him seems to be subsiding and the insanity of what is "news" seems to be reaching lower levels as each week goes by...

Here is last night's report:

IAS Event at Flag: The preparations for the IAS event are well underway. The mega tent is on the way to the US by ship, and due to arrive in 3 weeks to Miami. It will be transported to CW, and then placed between the parking garage and Fort Harrison Avenue. Dave noted that it will be visible to all tourists who are going to the beach, so they will notice the presence of Scientology in the city (if they haven't already). [ Wow, "tent stats" are headlining the graduation! There are 17,431 grommet holes in the canvas which weighs 11,273.1 lbs and is coming on a ship averaging 13.617 knots per hour making this trip a HIGHEST EVER of grommets per pound per mile. And just remember folks, this is because there are no tents in the United States that meet our exacting specifications. And because we have not yet built the hall we have been taking money from you for over the past 20 years. We have even shown you fly-throughs — remember about 10 years ago? And BIG NEWS, we want the people of Clearwater to see our TENT because they are sick and tired of seeing the 300,000 square foot empty building that blots out the sun in downtown Clearwater. These "hurrah" moments get more absurd each week....]