Blog: Voldemort Update 9 August - 2013-08-10

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F376.png Voldemort Update 9 August August 10, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Update from last night's graduation. While the adoring crowds no doubt were screaming and jumping to their feet like a room full of jack-in-the-boxes on steroids, this is becoming pretty boringly mundane. The false "exuberance" is no doubt now being enforced on all present. "You will be impressed, or else...." Even our Special On The Ground Correspondent seems to have become bored with it all. You know how it goes, when Voldemort was a far off, unseen figure he was pretty scary. When you see him for the first time he is pretty scary. But after a while, he sort of becomes old hat.

So, here is the report, with my comments in [square brackets and itals].