Blog: Voldemort Wows 'Em Again - 2013-07-13

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F376.png Voldemort Wows 'Em Again July 13, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The report from last night's graduation (12 July) featuring You Know Who:

- The special GAT II Objectives have been launched for Cornerstone members in the Fort Harrison Crystal Ballroom, 126 Scientologists are currently on that course. [Paying once again for the privilege of redoing the bottom of the Bridge....]

- Speaking of which, Objectives is going to be renamed to something else. He can't tell it what as it would reveal too much. The service will still follow Purif RD on the Bridge and will contain more processes than the current Objectives. No more information will be given at this point. [Hmmm, maybe he is going to rename it OT IX?? The "marketing" and "come on" has just about reached saturation level — I guess He figures that "renaming" something will fool some people into doing it again like it's "new"]