Blog: WISE Advice for Scientology - 2020-05-26

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F376.png WISE Advice for Scientology May 26, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is some expert advice from WISE that scientology could use.

The first line is an eye-opener. Just think of this. Scientology CLAIMS they have a product NOBODY can do without. And they have an absolute monopoly on it. Everything in the business is copyrighted and trademarked to be sure there is no competition. It is not just the cure for all illness, mental AND physical, it is the answer to all problems on earth and in the universe and has the ability to restore you to native state as an "Operating Thetan" capable of creating the entire universe, being in complete control of all matter, energy, space and time.

Now, if that isn't a formula for unbridled success, I don't know what is.