Blog: WISE Guys - 2019-01-07

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F376.png WISE Guys January 7, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There is a lot that could be covered on the topic of WISE — including how it was created by Hubbard to "get scientology businesses off the backs of orgs" on the basis of his conclusion that orgs were not expanding because staff were moonlighting in scientology businesses and were thus "off purpose" (in fact it was only to be able to earn enough money to live, but Hubbard's answer to that was "make the org make more money and you will get more pay.")

WISE today pretends to be something separate from the "Church of Scientology", in fact they state the on the "What Is Scientology?" website:

By functioning as an autonomous corporation separate and apart from churches of Scientology, WISE insulates them from activities that do not belong in a church and would distract staff from their real purpose – the ministry of Scientology.