Blog: Warehouse 8 Hypefest - 2015-03-10

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F376.png Warehouse 8 Hypefest March 10, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This not an exciting post like yesterday. And I dont have the time nor energy right now to do anything more. I caught a bug when in NY and have been in bed for 48 hours. Hope to be done with it soon. Must be PTS hanging around with all those SPs...

This promo piece encapsulates so much of what is wrong with scientology in such a short space. The hype. The astonishing false statistics that are presented as "fact" and accepted just because. The amazing amount of money they feel they are entitled to be given just because they are. The absolute (and unfounded) certainty that they have the ONLY answers to EVERYTHING. Anywhere. Ever.

This isn't really the meter "Ron envisioned and planned" — he had no idea about this meter. The one he envisioned and planned was described by Steve Pfauth on Marty's blog and in Larry Wright's book. The one with enough current passing through it that it would kill the body. The Suicide 8. Not the Warehouse 8.