Blog: We Own All Knowledge - The Dogma of Scientology - 2015-12-19

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F376.png We Own All Knowledge - The Dogma of Scientology December 19, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This quote from L. Ron Hubbard encapsulates what fundamentalist scientologists believe as an article of faith. They are literally the only people on earth with access to ALL knowledge and without scientology, every wog is ignorant and blind.

This is not really unusual in the world of the fundamentalist - so too go the fundamentalist Southern Baptists. And Jehovah's Witnesses. And Muslims. And on and on.

The interesting thing about scientology is that in order not to appear to be what they truly are, they pretend that theirs is a faith of inordinate tolerance, of scientific proof and certainty and most of all, containing no dogma. For in scientology they proclaim, "only what is true for you is what is true." You do not need to believe anything. Unless of course your truth does not match with what the church proclaims to be the truth — then you are a squirrel. Or an SP. Or PTS. Or have unhandled case. Or are "out-KSW". Or "CI." And at that point, you are no longer considered a "true" scientologist for you have strayed from the path of righteousness. So the only true scientologists are those that agree with everything that is preached in the church. You DO have to believe. If you have not found by your experience that disconnecting from your family is "true for you" (that is, it doesn't work) you can see how far it gets you in the fundamentalist church. You will be found "guilty" of a "High Crime" for seeking to live with your own truth.