Blog: Welcome To My New Blog - 2013-03-20

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F376.png Welcome To My New Blog March 20, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

For 4 years, Marty Rathbun's Blog – Moving On Up A Little Higher – has provided an invaluable service. It has been the best source of news on the current goings-on in the world of Scientology, exposed truths about what has happened in the past, provided a venue for those newly emerging from the bubble of the Church to announce themselves to the world, given insight into squirreling of the tech, offered helpful advice on sources of wisdom and became a place to find new friends or reconnect with old ones.

Marty has always said that it was his desire to help raise spiritual awareness, to move on up a little higher. If you are a regular reader you have probably noticed his blog evolving away from the daily news into higher concepts and discussions. This is something that is important. And it is a message directed to those who have well and truly left the church behind and are moving onward and upward.

But I feel there is still a need for coverage of day to day news and activities. And a place where those who may just be emerging from the bubble that is corporate Scientology can find information to help them to break free once and for all. And perhaps a place where even the seasoned veterans of Moving On Up can keep up with current news.