Blog: Wendy Bowman -- of the "Joburg 18" -- Tells Her Story - 2013-11-11

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F376.png Wendy Bowman -- of the "Joburg 18" -- Tells Her Story November 11, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The South African Scientology field is being treated to some history lessons from some of its most illustrious members. While the church is busily trying to black PR the Joburg 18, they are simply sending out their stories. Anyone with half a brain can read this and the letter from Gaye Corbett and know without a shadow of a doubt "This is no SP, in fact, if someone declared her and her husband they are either insane or a sociopath."

Thank you for standing tall Wendy and all the rest of the Joburg 18 and friends.

There was an old term "Founding Scientologist" reserved for those who had been involved in the very earliest years and had helped nurture the subject to adulthood. It is ironic that on Veteran's Day we are reminded how little respect is afforded those whose shoulders today's generation stand on. Miscavige era corporate Scientologists look upon these people with disdain (just peruse that list of the Joburg 18 again for proof) — they are reminders of a kinder, gentler Scientology that is anathema to the 21st century Vulture Culture that circles the few that have not yet been reduced to skeletons.