Blog: What's It Really Like Inside An Ideal Org? - 2014-04-20

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F376.png What's It Really Like Inside An Ideal Org? April 20, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

If you listen to any of the statements that emanate from the bubble, whether from the mouth of Dear Leader himself, or other minions, they shout from the rooftops how the "ideal orgs" are "the turning point in the universe" and "the salvation of this sector" and are "bringing about planetary clearing."

Of course, everyone outside the bubble knows its garbage, but it isnt often we get this sort of report from INSIDE an "ideal org."

And not just ANY ideal org, but the much ballyhooed "ideal org" in the "first Scientology city" — Portland. You will recall Dear Leader yanked their chain ribbon last year with grand announcements about how important THIS ideal org is in the Scientology world. They pretended thousands showed up for the ceremony and covered them up with potted plants and sicced mad dogs on Mark Bunker to prevent him recording the words of the Great Man.