Blog: What About the E-Meter? - 2017-07-03

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F376.png What About the E-Meter? July 3, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This article is by regular commenter Bruce Ploetz. Bruce was in the SO for 25 years, at the Int Base for 19 years — one of the few true genuises I have ever met. He is an Associate of Science in Electronics Technology. When it comes to the E-Meter, there is likely no more qualified expert on earth. Bruce is named on five patent applications for work concerning the MK VII E-Meter and Learning Accelerator and won a patent with one other for the Drills Simulator. An Electronics Technician, he worked up from that to Electronics Engineer in Silicon Valley, then Director of Research and Design for Hubbard Electrometer, various design and technician posts in the Sea Org, and is now a Design Engineer in the real world.

Why use an E-Meter?

As Professor Stephen Kent of the University of Alberta recently averred on the two-hour special episode of Leah Remini's Scientology, the Aftermath, L Ron Hubbard was a malignant narcissist. So it is understandable that he would make grandiose pronouncements, based on nothing but his own pride and authority, and expect others to accept them unquestioningly. That's what narcissists do.