Blog: What Happened to the Way to Happiness? - 2018-05-16

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F376.png What Happened to the Way to Happiness? May 16, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Before the "Colombian Miracle" where, according to scientology, distribution of The Way to Happiness reduced crime in Colombia by 90%, there was the Venezuelan Phenomenon — the Way to Happiness literally "saved the nation." Two of the earliest IAS Freedom Medal winners were awarded their bauble for getting the WTH used by Government agencies that "saved the nation" blah blah. Then Ruddy Rodriguez and others followed, each having accomplished incredible feats of distributing TWTH to even more miraculous results. I would bet there have been more IAS medal winners from Venezuela than any other country.

Though they have repeatedly touted massive and monumental accomplishments for LRH tech, things are not looking good in Venezuela (and have not been for some time).

How can this be? It's got to be bad when a profit making business decides to abandon its capital investment.