Blog: What Is The Sea Org In Scientology? - 2017-09-20

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F0.png What Is The Sea Org In Scientology? September 20, 2017, Peter Nyiri, The Sea Organization

The Sea Organization (many times referred to as Sea Org) is a religious order in Scientology. It is made up of the most dedicated Scientologists in the world. When someone joins the Sea Org, they sign a religious commitment (often referred to as Sea Org contract) for one billion years. It's called a commitment as it is not a legal contract, not legally enforceable.

The Sea Organization is a religious order similar to Tibetan monks. It is not legally incorporated or otherwise organized as a legal entity. Members of the Sea Org therefore are wholly responsible to the organization for which they work.

The Sea Org was started in 1967 as the Sea Project and once operated from a number of ships. It was formally started under its current name on 12 August 1967. It was started by L. Ron Hubbard to deliver the highest levels of Scientology Spiritual counseling and to supervise Church organizations around the world.