Blog: What Is Wrong With Scientology? Is Now Available - 2012-06-23

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F0.png What Is Wrong With Scientology? Is Now Available June 23, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Order your copy at Amazon Books here: What Is Wrong With Scientology?

Excerpt from Chapter Seven - Confessional:

In this wise, a new moral code is imposed upon individuals, covertly and against their own determinisms. It is exacerbated by repeated questioning about the individual's failure to report on other Scientologists. After a while, a corporate Scientologist modifies her behavior accordingly, in order to avoid more security checks. She not only edits her own behavior and thoughts, she attempts to do the same with Scientologist friends and family members, so that she does not get into trouble for overlooking such transgressions of others. Thus, a process that was originally intended to free a person from the self-imposed mental prison she has created by her own inability to live up to what she considers right and ethical conduct becomes reversed. The preclear is instead forced to agree to a new mental prison, imposed by the organization based on what it decrees to be right or wrong. In short, the process replaces a person's native judgment with a new judgment of its own. In practice, it is a dark and painful operation, making a person less self-determined and more other-determined.