Blog: When the Going Gets Tough... - 2017-08-09

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F376.png When the Going Gets Tough... August 9, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

When Miscavige feels most threatened, he invariably pulls the 1993 IAS event out of mothballs for re-airing in all orgs. This is Miscavige's crowning achievement and when he feels his PR is being assaulted, in his mind this is the antidote.

Getting people to come into an org to watch this video yet again is a Sisyphean task. There is no current scientologist who has not seen it numerous times. And there are no NEW scientologists. So it's a tough sell.

Miscavige is convinced this is the best reputation damage control he can do. Not come out in public and actually answer questions or make any appearance in the media. No, re-show a 25 year old video which represents the pinnacle of his achievements.