Blog: Where Is Shelly? Aftermath - 2018-12-19

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F376.png Where Is Shelly? Aftermath December 19, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

As always, interested to hear your feedback on the show tonight.

And as is their pattern, scientology's response to the show is both predictable and quite bizarre.

They are hanging their hat on the fact that this is all a publicity stunt, but now they have gone a step further, claiming it is "intended to incite violence" and that Leah is back like Jason from Friday the 13th (a trademark Miscavigeism — certainly not a line that any reputable lawyer would include in a letter). Of course they ignore the fact there would be NO INTEREST if Shelly was NOT MISSING from the public eye. She was MADE INTO a public figure by Miscavige having her with him at every important event in scientology history until Tom Cruise's wedding. She was then vanished without explanation.