Blog: Where is the IAS? - 2019-03-19

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F376.png Where is the IAS? March 19, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

So, the IAS constantly claims that donations made to it "support our 4th dynamic initiatives" — very much including the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

The IAS takes credit for the "accomplishments" of the DFW if there is ever anything to be crowed about. Recently the IAS proudly announced the "distribution" of half a million booklets at the Super Bowl. They routinely claim they are literally saving the world and eradicating the scourges of drugs, crime, immorality and illiteracy.

This is asking for $50,000. Assuming the IAS has accumulated $1.5 billion by now (it was more than a billion back in the early 2000's), this is chicken feed. About 0.003% of their total funds. But rather than the IAS doing this, they are trying to crowdfund to show their PSAs in LOS ANGELES! This is not darkest Africa or some other remote location...