Blog: Who Good Scientologists Should Vote For - 2014-08-01

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F376.png Who Good Scientologists Should Vote For August 1, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Of course, the church cannot directly endorse any political candidates as this would be a violation of their exempt status (possibly the least egregious one they would be guilty of, but nevertheless very visible and thus difficult to deny).

So, they grab some "OT Committee" people and have them do the dirty work for them. These ventriloquist puppets are NOT sending this out without coordinating with the church first. In fact, apparently the efforts to influence the local community are heating up — OSA recently held a briefing (it's funny how this, like everything else, is tied to the new SP building, even though its harder to get into than the NSA headquarters).

New reports indicate there's now going to be a monthly meeting ("Coordination Council") between various project I/Cs at Flag, some OSA PR people, and a small number of trusted public and volunteers. (First meeting is to be held this coming Sunday in the large conference room at the FH.)